[REL] Petits Freres (1999)

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[REL] Petits Freres (1999)

Postby ARTHORIUS » Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:04 pm  11 likes

How do you think about this one?

A classical french movie, Directed by J. Doillon

The latest film by one of France's greatest contemporary cultural assets is usually an event to be celebrated. Unfortunately this rag-bag of street cred and cliché is the only disappointing Doillon film that I can remember.

A girl running away from a paedophile stepfather encounters a bunch of foul-mouthed street kids in a downbeat housing estates.

Certainly Doillon's unique rapport with children is there, but no structure, no style, no distance and definitely no irony. After 'Ponette' and 'Le Petit Criminel', to name just two recent, magical 'films d'enfance', and a dazzling career this must surely just be an aberration.

The resulting film seems to suggest that Doillon just gathered together a bunch of personable kids and said 'What film can we make?' the resulting story and script seems the product of juvenile sensibility of limited intelligence rather than one of the finest directors of our age



Here it is...FR lang, no subs DVD RIP

Like this post to see ed2k links  [699.54 Mb]

This is the last for today, enjoy from your neighbor ART :thumbsup
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Postby FLL » Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:29 pm  0 likes


Thanks, Art, though the comment you picked was pretty funny in how much it attacked this film.

Oddly enough I was watching the start of this very movie just the day before yesterday, to decide whether I should release it here... decided I would wait until I got subs to finish watching it. Since this DVD has been released in the U.S. subbed, I am in the process of getting them, I'll put them here when I do.

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