Simple Guide to Releasing

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Simple Guide to Releasing

Postby loverboy » Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:39 pm  0 likes

starfish21 has raised the issue of a simple guide to releasing material here at FLM to encourage more members to have a go & make the process less daunting. I'm no expert & will be bound to miss something out so further input will be much appreciated. Bearing in mind I consider myself 'clumsy' with computers & PC technology I'm attempting to make this guide as simple as possible & not assume the reader is any more knowledgeable than I was.

Before You Start

You need to have the eMule client installed with, if nothing else, a basic knowledge of how it works. The standard client will work perfectly well if configured correctly which involves little change from the default settings. Many here (myself included) use 'releaser mod' versions which are not magic but generally allow you to divert greater upload to those allocated as 'friends'. Generally, they will also allow more 'friend slots' than the standard client & have a 'Powershare' facility to further prioritise files.

You need to be connectable......that means the necessary ports for eMule traffic need to be open. Any firewall on your PC needs to have an exception made for eMule & if using a router 'Port Forwarding' needs to be carried out. There are plenty of specific guides for individual routers available on the internet. eMule has a 'Test Ports' facility under Options/Connection to check all is well............I'd also take the opportunity of changing from the default ports if using them..........some ISP's will throttle or even sometimes block these.

Releasing carries a small obligation, especially with single-source need to leave your machine switched on & be connectable until the file is well spread. I suspect most here do as I do & (barring downtime) leave themselves connected 24/7. Although good upload ability is desirable it's not essential.......I struggled for a long time with an ISP that adopts a robust traffic shaping policy resulting in very poor upload speed at certain times of the day but have still been able to successfully release. This was also helped by generous 'core members' who consistently shared for long periods.


FLM is for childhood movies/documentaries/TV series/music videos featuring both girls & boys. Broadly speaking the age limit is 16 although exceptions are sometimes made. Movies should have received some form of classification which can make it difficult regarding independent movies. IMDB is a good 'rule of thumb' as to whether material is suitable for release here but once again there will be exceptions. If unsure about suitability I'd advise a PM to admin for clarification. What is not welcome is home-made material & anything that could reflect badly on the site.

Once you've identified suitable material you should check with the 'search' facility as to whether it already exists here as a Release/Request/Forthcoming Release. Don't forget to try multiple options such as any AKA or native title if a foreign movie. Upgrades/different cuts to existing movies are always welcome & can simply be added to existing threads........filling Requests/Forthcoming Releases should also be added to the existing thread........admin will move them to release when spotted.

Check if the file already exists on eMule........unless poorly sourced/incomplete or your file is a significant improvement it will probably be better to release the established will likely spread much faster.

Releases should be verified & preferably you should be a complete source although this isn't always strictly enforced here. Trusted sources (i.e. sharethefiles) are usually OK but caution should be exercised with links from dodgy Russian sites!

Compiling Your Release

Your release should be made in the country of origin section. IMDB will provide details but isn't always 100% right. Don't worry, admin can always move it if necessary. The subject should include title, year & any other relevent information. Keep it brief only have a limited number of characters available. The following format should be used......

[REL] Another Movie (2002)

If no country section exists for your release these can go in 'Unlisted'
The following format should be used......

[REL] Yet Another Movie (2003) [Ireland]

Message real hard & fast rules........your release can contain as little or as much as you like but obviously must contain an ed2k link.
Essential............ed2k link!
Desirable...........IMDB link/AKA details/Synopsis/Credit to originator if not your material
Optional.............Links for further info/Screenshots/Artwork/YouTube clips/File info


Copy the file/files into your eMule shared folder
In eMule under 'Shared Files' hit 'Reload' (top right) & wait for the file/files to hash
Select file/files & right click. Under 'Priority (upload)' select 'Release'..........Right click again.......if 'Powershare' available select 'Activated' or 'Enabled'...........Right click ed2k links.......hit copy & paste links to your release.
Preview your release & submit.

That's it!...........don't forget to monitor progress & establish friends/slots for members.


Re: Simple Guide to Releasing

Postby Guest » Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:22 pm  0 likes

:clap Thank you very much.
You put a huge effort in and your how to will be very helpful. :clap
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Re: Simple Guide to Releasing

Postby ghost » Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:08 am  0 likes

Thanks loverboy! Very helpful for newbies :)

Re: Simple Guide to Releasing

Postby Debaser » Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:24 am  0 likes

Very nice work loverboy :clap
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Re: Simple Guide to Releasing

Postby popdrome » Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:08 pm  0 likes

I say! Well done! :icon_thumbsup
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Re: Simple Guide to Releasing

Postby loverboy » Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:54 am  0 likes

Hopefully this guide is encouraging others to have a go at releasing, BUT...............
Most here appreciate eMule downloads can be slow but expect (quite rightly) FLM releases to have sources enabling them to eventually complete.
We are a global community & not everyone enjoys fast internet is very frustrating for members to waste bandwidth on files that have no hope of ever completing.
Releasing is fun & satisfying but does carry an obligation to those attempting to download. I now have what can probably be considered good upload ability, running 2 eMule accounts from 2 different locations but I still find it only feasable to release fresh material every 2-3 days. As a rule of thumb I try to make sure I've uploaded at least 5 times the original file size before moving on to the next release. I will also continue to share with high priority, usually until I've uploaded about 10 times. This applies to my own single source releases........obviously less attention is needed with well sourced files but the golden rule is there MUST be sources.
We appreciate those releasing & will always try to help but please be sensible & ensure your files have complete sources & are not released on a too frequent basis as to swamp the forum & your own upload ability.

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Re: Simple Guide to Releasing

Postby FLL » Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:19 pm  0 likes

Getting your eMule fully working is the best option by far, and there is a lot of help available here for that, but if that just won't work then are other ways.

Instead of posting as a [REL] post in the release forum, you should post as a [REQ] in the appropriate request forum (or Unverified). Include the eMule link if you have it.

If others can find existing eMule sources for that particular file then it will be moved to RELease status.

If others know of alternate files or sources of the same movie they can post them in the request topic.

If it's available via direct download, link to where it is. Someone here will grab it and share on eMule and it will become a RELease. (Note that ONLY movies not otherwise available on eMule should have DD links, this is an eMule board not a DD board).

If it's on Usenet (or you can upload to alt.binaries.movies.thelostmovies or elsewhere) then you can post it as a REQ as stated above or in the Usenet forum, telling us where and when it was posted. Someone here will grab it from Usenet and it will be moved to release once its available on eMule.

If what you have has already been released on FLM, but you have a better version, then instead of a new topic you should add your links as above to the existing thread.

If you have questions or are confused just PM me or another admin.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to FLM!

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